City of Topeka, KS Press Conference

City of Topeka, Kansas is Happy with Their Switch to LED Street-Lighting

 Spring City, P.A., February 17, 2011The City of Topeka, Kansas announced their successful transition to the energy efficient LED streetlights manufactured domestically by Spring City Electrical.  The City reported an energy savings of 40% and an estimate of maintenance savings of $4,000/month.  Topeka was also happy to announce a reduction of 63 tons CO2 carbon emissions by this transition.

Carlos Salazar, Evaluation and Planning Manager of The City of Topeka’s Street Maintenance Section, and his team made great efforts to quantify the results of their new street lights.  By running a separate meter for the new lights and comparing their energy meter ratings to the previous two years, Topeka reported an energy savings of 40%.  Not only did this reduce their energy consumption, the city was able to reduce their CO2 carbon emissions by 63 tons.  In addition, the city is estimating a savings of $4,000 over a four to six month time on maintenance savings and will continue to monitor the savings as time elapses.  Spring City’s LED streetlights are warranted to last 7 years without maintenance. 


Residents of Topeka have responded warmly to the transition to LED.  The residents reported to the City that the new lights are visually pleasing at night in comparison to the 175 Watt Metal Halide which was the previous lamping of their streetlights.  They city has notice a significant increase of foot traffic along the corridors lined with the new LED street lights. 


Spring City supplied Topeka with 409 custom conversion LED kits.  The city chose three variations of wattages of 100, 80 and 60 Watt systems and delivers light comparable to a 175-watt metal halide lamp (plus ballast equals 200 watts).


Topeka was able to recycle components of their traditional streetlight when switching their lighting system to LED technology.  Spring City provided the city with a new LED system which consists of a new COOLCASTTM heat dissipating thermal management roof equipped with Spring City’s Crossfire LEDs LM-79 Caliper rated optical systems and a new globe and driver.  The city was able to keep the bottom of the fixture (fitter) to save on price as well as re-use the existing fitters.


For more information from the City of Topeka, KS, please contact- Carlos Salazar 785-368-3913 or


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