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Keystone Markers Now Offered by Keystone Marker Trust and Spring City Electric

Spring City, PA – August 30, 2011 – Spring City Electrical is proud to announce our partnership with the Keystone Marker Trust (KMT) to manufacture historically-accurate reproductions of Pennsylvania’s iconic, century-old Keystone Markers.  Until now, no other foundry could offer accurate reproductions of these once-proud monuments to a time when Pennsylvania led the nation in industrial and technological progress.   Originally installed by PennDOT’s predecessor, the Pennsylvania Department of Highways, Spring City’s markers will be the first new Keystone Markers in seventy years.

“The Keystone Markers celebrate Pennsylvania and all that make it unique,” said Nathaniel Guest, KMT president.  “It was through the Keystone Marker that the keystone shape became so strongly associated with our state during a time when Pennsylvania was forging its own identity as the keystone in the arch of American progress,” he said.

While there were once tens of thousands of these markers denoting the entrances to all Pennsylvania towns and cities, trails, creeks, rivers, and other points of interest, today there are only about 600—with many of these in need of repair.  Most towns had four markers.  Spring City, PA, home to Spring City Electrical Manufacturing, is fortunate to have one of its original four markers remaining.  Spring City Electrical Manufacturing will be restoring this marker as part of the kick-off to its Keystone Marker offerings.  “The Trust has restored about 60 markers so far; with the help of Spring City, we’ll be able to do more advanced work re-installing long-gone markers,” said Guest.

“By enabling towns and civic groups to restore and re-introduce these proud symbols unique to our state, we create a network of Pennsylvania communities and organizations dedicated to positive development and re-investment,” said Alan Brink, president of Spring City Electrical. “The markers create a sense of place that sets Pennsylvania apart from everywhere else—a distinction that will make people want to visit, live, and work here,” he said.

New markers, including the historic front-mount sign and post, go into production this fall, with dramatic price discounts for multiple-marker orders.  “The Keystone Marker Trust is so proud the markers will be made in Pennsylvania and especially proud that it’s by a shop that epitomizes the ingenuity and craftsmanship that characterized the marker program in its heyday,” said Guest.  “It truly is a good sign for our state,” he said.

  To order your customized Keystone Marker, please contact 610—948-4000 or  Order online and learn more about the Keystone Markers at

About Spring City:

Spring City’s core business consists of cast ornamental lighting systems.    Our huge design library and advanced data processing bring you full submittal drawings and specifications in minimum time. With Spring City, you can choose from the country's widest range of traditional styles - or create your own custom designs. And since we don't send our work out to another foundry (or another country,) we can maintain tight project timing and stringent quality control over every single step of your job, from initial preparation all the way to final finishing.  For more information, please visit

About Keystone Marker Trust:

The KMT is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization with a mission to establish a program around Pennsylvania’s iconic, century-old Keystone Markers that (1) celebrates Pennsylvania's people and places, its heritage and its future, by restoring and re-introducing these proud symbols unique to our state; and (2) creates a network of Pennsylvania communities and organizations dedicated to positive development that is economically sound, environmentally responsible, and socially equitable. Entities dedicating themselves to the Keystone Marker Trust Principles will be able to apply for grant funding to replace and restore their Keystone Markers.  For more information, please visit

For more information, contact Tracie Wolf at 610-948-4000 or via email  



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