Crossfire Optical Technology

Crossfire Optical Technology

The patented Crossfire Optical System is a combination of breakthrough engineering and geometry.  The angle and position of the optics coupled with refraction technology works as a duet to position the light directly toward the task. The vertical and horizontal locations of the LED boards and refractive optics lead to both increased efficacy and project uniformity.   

The Crossfire takes advantage of the directional nature of the LED chip and crosses the beams of light.  The blend of refracting light and precise position of the optics crossing allows for the LEDs to interweave creating the appearance of a single light source, which maximizesroof light output and downward uniformity.

This translates to a luminaire that has an increased lumens per watt, while providing superior performance that allows for greater pole spacing -- all at a lower wattage.

For a typical roadway, the Symphonic LED system can meet and exceed the average and uniformity levels for RP-8 and AASHTO requirements.  For a typical collector/commercial roadway, the light standards can be located up to nine mounting heights within a row to achieve the acceptable light levels.  For a typical principal arterial/commercial roadway, the light standards can be located up to seven mounting heights within a row to achieve the acceptable light levels. 

The performance of the Symphonic LED system minimizes light trespass behind the pole and uplight along with discomfort glare for the oncoming drivers.  Based on larger pole spacing and lower wattage systems, your ROI will improve.  The Symphonic LED system provides better uniformity when compared to traditional HID sources.


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For years, LEDs have held distinct advantages over other conventional light sources, including lower electricity requirements, no mercury, and longer life.

But because luminaire design hadn’t kept pace, these advantages were unavailable. Until now

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