Spring City's Symphonic Glass Post Top LED

Symphonic Glass Post Top

Key Benefits-

  •  3/8" Thick Cast Glass Globe with Internal Ribs
    • Increases Efficacy and Uniformity
    •  Doesn't Yellow or Become Brittle   
    •  Globe Will Last as Long as the LED System 
  • High Efficacy 
    • 90+ Lumens Per Watt 
    • Maximized Downward Uniformity & Pole Spacing    
  • Meets and Exceeds the Average and Uniformity Levels of RP-8 and AASHTO Requirements 
  • Low Junction Temperature 
    • L90 at 62,500 hours  
  • Equipped with Spring City's Patented Coolcast Thermal Management and Crossfire Optical Systems 
  • Sealed System with IP66 Rating
  • Available with 14 Different Fitters  (Post Top Section)
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • And like everything else Spring City produces, they're made in America

LED Brochure

For years, LEDs have held distinct advantages over other conventional light sources, including lower electricity requirements, no mercury, and longer life.

But because luminaire design hadn’t kept pace, these advantages were unavailable. Until now

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