Symphonic X Series

Spring City’s newest addition to the Symphonic LED Line is redefining industry performance ratings and
increasing ROI for its consumers. This progressive solution unites all of the traditional Symphonic
system components into one unified structure. Aptly named the Symphonic X-Series LED System, the
new line is a fusion of engineering and architectural brilliance. The system’s strong foundation from proven engineered innovations of the Coolcast Thermal Management System and Crossfire Optics; and it’s designed to fit and perform inside a traditional acorn globe. These advancements result in overwhelming superiority compared to similar systems on the market – providing increased lifetime, improved ROI, and the ability to
achieve more than 121 lumens per watt.

X-Series Advantages
  • The pantent pending X-Series will provide you with the longevity demanded in an LED system. The Coolcast Thermal Management System protects the luminaire and ensures a long life.
  • The optical system of the X-Series is engineered to provide superior efficacy and better uniformity. The LED board location within the globe combined with the refractive optical system provides high efficacy of more than 121 lumens per watt.
  • Due to the optical performance of the system, the ROI is improved by allowing for lower wattages or greater pole spacing.
  • Reduced initial cost of the system due to the limited number of components required.

For product information, please visit the LED product section and browse the Post Top LED Series.

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For years, LEDs have held distinct advantages over other conventional light sources, including lower electricity requirements, no mercury, and longer life.

But because luminaire design hadn’t kept pace, these advantages were unavailable. Until now

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