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Creating The Sense Of Place

Remarkably effective and beautifully crafted, our lamp posts, luminaires, bollards, and traffic control pieces are essential components in establishing a unified design theme throughout your entire site.


The transformation of an ordinary multifunctional site into a stylish and cohesive location can create an everyday crossroad into a place to remember.


With an utmost respect for the site’s heritage; Spring City crafts improved pieces while staying true to the sites original character. We stress the importance of design integrity while still remaining extremely efficient in cost and time. Spring City has developed a complete line of complementing design families that allow for a full range of design options. Pieces that you select are guaranteed with perfect matches in the line.


Some of our most well-liked design families include: traffic light posts and arms, posts, street signs, lit and unlit bollards, and crossarms and luminaires for pedestrian and street lighting. Many of our sites nationwide take advantage of our additional crafted metal elements such as: stop signs, parking meter brackets, banner systems, sign posts, flagpoles, drinking fountains, and wall brackets.

• You can even work directly with our skilled design staff to create completely new custom pieces for your site's particular needs. Contact Spring City today!



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