CoolCast Thermal Technology

Spring City's innovative CoolCast heat dissipating technology is the first crucial step in design a luminaire that both outperforms and outlasts all other LEDs on the market.  Without great thermal performance, all other components within the LED system are compromised.  Traditional lamps are hot to the touch, and while LEDs are not, they still produce heat at the junction.  If left unmanaged, the heat not only reduces the life of the LED, but significantly degrades the light output.  Coolcast thermal technology manages the heat at the LED junction point by dispersing to the outside.  While some LED luminaire designs claim to have heat management systems, most do no vent the heat to the outside without allowing bugs, dirt, and debris to enter the luminaire.  Our patented CoolCast system not only maintains a low junction temperature, but dissipates the heat through the heavy cast aluminum hood via conduction, allowing the entire luminaire to remain at a stable low temperature.  The Symphonic LED system has the lowest junction temperature on the market.  Spring City avoids premature thermal failures by regulating the temperature and allowing the Symphonic LED system to outlast and outshine the competition.

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