It's not just one big idea.

It's a series of individual innovations harmonized to create a new way of thinking.  It's taking a series of technological advancements and composing simplicity from complexity.

It's artwork sculpted by pure American ingenuity and engineering.  It's a simple concept of how each individual part, synchronized, becomes larger than the sum.

roofIt's creating a larger ROI and a smaller carbon footprint.  It's a series of orchestrated ideas, engineered to reality, that resulted in the new Spring City Symphonic LED System.

The patented Crossfire Optical System is combination of breakthrough engineering and geometry.  The angle and position of the optics coupled with refraction technology works as a duet to position the light directly toward the task.  The Crossfire takes advantage of the directional nature of the LED Chip and crosses the beams of light.  The blend of refracting light and the precise position of the optics crossing allow for the LEDs to interweave to create the appearance of a single light source which maximizes light output and uniformity.


The Symphonic utilizes the revolutionary Patented Coolcast Thermal Management System to enhance light output performance, increase longevity, and drastically reduce maintenance costs.  The Coolcast not only10YearLogoFinal

maintains a low junction temperature, but keeps the entire luminaire at a stable low temperature.  The horizontal and vertical ribbing pulls heat away from the Crossfire

Optics directing it outward to dissipate through the cast aluminum hood.  Creating a venue with stable low temperatures.  Coolcast allows all other components to perform at their optimal level.

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