No Retrofitting Available

Retrofits are not suitable for the outdoor decorative luminaires; in both post top and pendent mount applications.  The designs available are inadequate and will not perform optically and last 50,000-70,000 hours as indicated by retrofits suppliers.  If you are interested in using existing luminaires, we can convert many existing Spring City installation as well as other manufacturers luminaires to accommodate the LED system.

The conversion process recycles the existing fitter and a new lumianire transitions into the existing fitter.  The new unit is equipped with a cast roof equipped with CoolCastTM technology and the LED boards as well as a driver and a new globe.  Click here to view the video demo.

Made In America ARRA Buy AmericaMade in America

From the silicon wafer foundry to our own foundry that manufacturers the metal castings in Spring City, PA, our LED fixtures are made in the United States of America.  

Spring City has manufactured in the US since 1843.  We are compliant with the BUY America Act and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009!


Spring City Thermal Management

Thermal Management and Heat Syncs When purchasing an LED fixture it is important to locate the driver within the fixture and analyze the thermal management used by the manfucaturer.  Spring City LED luminaires use a thermal management technology known as 

CoolCastTM Technology.  CoolCast manages heat through an innovative technology that does not interfere with the integrity of our luminaire design.  The heat is dissipated directly to the atmosphere through our cast aluminum hood.  Some inferer products connect their driver to their heat sync  located in the luminiare head or body  of the luminaire.  By doing so, the longevity of the driver and LEDs  are compromised because the heat produced will be trapped within the fixture causing the ambient temperature to rise above recommended temperature.

Franklin Square LED Daytime ApperanceDaytime Appearance

Our innovative design enables our foundry to cast the LED luminaire line in a fashion similar to the one we have used for over a century.  In other words, our new LED system will not compromise the high aesthetic standard your project demands!

Ten Year Warranty


The LED luminaire line include a complementary ten year warranty.


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