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Quality craftsmanship, American tradition, modern lighting technology and the employees who manufacture them define Spring City's products

Founded in 1843, Spring City remains headquartered in Spring City, PA at their original foundry. Spring City's operations are all located within one facility, consisting of a productive foundry, innovative engineers, a passionate sales force, and industry experts committed to providing you unparalleled customer service. Together, our team is constantly challenging competitors in the market with our innovative LED products that are always evolving to achieve industry leading performance.

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Spring City

Spring City has a rich history that is often unknown. Take a stroll through the history within this video to learn more about Spring City's roots.

Spring City has supplied lighting nationwide for the past 60 years, from the grounds of the United States Capitol to the Main Street of Disney World as well as the campuses of many colleges and universities

We take pride in manufacturing the majority of lighting products that adorn the streets of New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

Our unmatched products are cast on-site, ensuring utmost quality control and on-time deliveries. Our team will provide you with continuous communication throughout your project progression and will coordinate with project contractors to ensure a successful installation.

Throughout Spring City’s 166 years of operation, our collection of superior patterns has grown to more than 6,000 molds. These patterns construct the products within our site, as well as products available via special request.

Spring City Lighting
Spring City Lighting
Spring City Lighting

We take pride that our products are manufactured in the USA

We combine old fashioned craftsmanship with modern technology, enabling our engineers to incorporate the latest ideas using our state-of-the-art CAD, CAM and CNC equipment. The technological advances in our newest product lines are in the best interests of the industry, environment, and our clients.

Spring City’s employees are our most valuable asset. With impeccable work experience and expertise in crafting the very best cast iron and cast aluminum lampposts and fixtures, our staff outshines any other outdoor lighting manufacturer. By enforcing our core values, Spring City employees promote safe and effective design, manufacturing, installation, and use of our electrical products.

Our company adheres to the requirements of the iron and steel provisions of the federal highway rules, Buy American Act, as well as the iron, steel and manufactured goods in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, ARRA. Tours of our historic facility are available upon request. Spring City looks forward to working with you – call us today to discuss the plans you’re developing!

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