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What is the Build America Buy America Title?

The “Made in America” provisions provide new statutory authorities to broaden application of various domestic content preferences in infrastructure assistance and direct procurement by the Federal Government, including:

Build America, Buy America: Requires “Buy America” preferences for iron, steel, construction materials and manufactured products on federal infrastructure assistance awards.

Make it in America: Amends the Buy American Act to increase domestic content requirements, improve waiver processes and creates Made in America Office.

Buy America: Directs the establishment of a central and publicly available website related to Buy American waivers. For More information please visit U.S. Department of Transportation or Federal Highway Administration

Manufacturing Extension Partnership Supplier Scouting.

General Information & Implementation

Office of Management and Budget Issued Final Implementing Guidance in August 2023

BABA jobs will be more prominent in 2024

Subsection of the “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act”

Iron and Steel Compliant Products

Product that Spring City meets under this category:
Cast Iron & Ductile poles | Cast Iron Fixtures and casings | Steel poles

Defines iron or steel products as “articles, materials, or supplies that consist wholly or predominantly of iron or steel or a combination of both.”

“Predominantly iron or steel or a combination of both” means the cost of the iron and steel content in the product exceeds 50 percent of the total cost of all its components.

The cost of iron and steel is the cost of the iron or steel mill products (such as bar, billet, slab, wire, plate, or sheet), castings, or forgings utilized in the manufacture of the product and a good faith estimate of the cost of iron or steel components. OMB guides that labor costs should not be included.

BABA DOMESTIC ORIGIN STANDARD FOR IRON AND STEEL PRODUCTS: “all manufacturing processes, from the initial melting stage through the application of coatings, occurred in the United States”

Manufactured Compliant Products

Product that Spring City meets under this category:
All Luminaires

Upon completion of all manufacturing processes for a construction material listed in paragraph (1) of new part 184.3, an item will be classified as a “manufactured product” if:

  • It is combined together with another item listed in paragraph (1), or with a material that is not listed in paragraph (1), before it is brought to the work site
  • Additional materials are not “minor additions” as contemplated in new paragraph (2) of the definition for “construction materials” in part 184.3.

Kits as Manufactured Products

Aggregates and Cementitious Materials

Construction Compliant Products

Product that Spring City meets under this category:
Cast aluminum (Non Ferrous) one piece poles or bollards
cast aluminum base (Non Ferrous) and extrusion
cast aluminum base (Non Ferrous) – wrap bases, traffic bases
(Non Ferrous) Aluminum cross arms

Non-ferrous metals. All manufacturing processes, from initial smelting or melting through final shaping, coating, and assembly, occurred in the United States.(Spring City Non Ferrous Poles, Bases, Extrusions, Cross Arms, etc.)

Plastic and polymer-based products. All manufacturing processes, from initial combination of constituent plastic or polymer-based inputs, or, where applicable, constituent composite materials, until the item is in its final form, occurred in the United States. (Includes composite construction materials)

Glass. All manufacturing processes, from initial batching and melting of raw materials through annealing, cooling, and cutting, occurred in the United States


Comprehensive certifications in accordance with industry standards and regulations, to be later specified for precise clarity and adherence to quality benchmarks. Please check back in the future for updated information.

How Spring City is meeting the qualifications

Spring City Electrical Manufacturing stands out as the sole dedicated lighting and pole manufacturer foundry in the United States. Our commitment is evident through consistently meeting all BUY AMERICA Requirements and DOTS standards.

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