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Why Ductile Iron Is The Dominate Material

POSTED May 11th 2022

There are so many choices in decorative street posts. From the simple to the ornate, to custom or a stock design, it can be absolutely overwhelming at times. Not to mention what pole goes best with which luminaire. Among all these choices that make up the aesthetics of the streetscape the one option that many times gets overlooked is the importance of the pole material. Among those material choices, it’s safe to say that Ductile Iron is among the most advantageous for the majority of applications. Ductile Iron was invented in the 1940’s by Keith Millis. While traditional cast iron uses graphite flakes and results in a more brittle finished casting, ductile iron is composed of spherical graphite and is made by treating molten iron with magnesium ...


POSTED April 8th 2020

The growing concern to protect our night sky has played a huge role in the lighting industry within the past decade. As cities, campuses, and various streetscapes across the country have prioritized this dark sky movement, it has led to the innovation of products that suit their demands. Spring City has dedicated a special line of products specifically for customers seeking a decorative streetlight while still adhering to the dark sky compliant features. When discussing the meaning behind a dark sky compliant fixture, it’s crucial to understand the benefits it yields not only to the nighttime sky but also to the well-being of life that it encompasses ...

What the AMA Findings Mean to Spring City

POSTED July 14th 2016

The recent American Medical Association street light findings have understandably created questions in the industry. We consistently strive to be an educational resource for our customers regarding the benefits of selecting lower Correlated Color Temperatures (CCT) luminaires for decorative street lighting. Spring City prides itself as a customer-centric manufacturer, meaning from new product design through installation, we provide our customers with lighting solutions that fit their needs, expectations, and desires. Our philosophy is to not only manufacture a superior aesthetic product, but to infuse engineered flexibility into the core of our products ...

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