What the AMA Findings Mean to Spring City

POSTED July 14, 2016

The recent American Medical Association street light findings have understandably created questions in the industry. We consistently strive to be an educational resource for our customers regarding the benefits of selecting lower Correlated Color Temperatures (CCT) luminaires for decorative street lighting. Spring City prides itself as a customer-centric manufacturer, meaning from new product design through installation, we provide our customers with lighting solutions that fit their needs, expectations, and desires. Our philosophy is to not only manufacture a superior aesthetic product, but to infuse engineered flexibility into the core of our products. We align ourselves with partners who share a similar commitment to excellence. The LED Chip manufacturers should be commended for increasing the efficiencies of the warmer color temperature, while maintaining better color consistency over the life of the product. The industry as a whole has been aggressively improving. Four years ago, for example, a 3000K installation would have been nearly 20% less efficient than the a 4000K source, but today the gap in those output efficiencies has narrowed dramatically to 7-10%. We do believe that consideration should be given to increase the overall wattage burden on a city or municipality to decrease health concerns while creating a safe and more welcoming environment. At 3000K, Spring City can cut energy costs by 50% and meet all of the IESNA and ASSHTO lighting standards. Ultimately, it will be the end-users' decision as to the specific color temperature to adopt, and we will continue to meet the expectations of our valued customers while providing both superior customer support and product at 4000K.

Spring City will continue to manufacture an aesthetically pleasing luminaire with low glare levels, while reducing light trespass and wasted skyward lumens as supported by the AMA's findings. The safety and education of local communities and educational institutions will continue to be our priority as a manufacturer. Our commitment is to help you understand what the AMA findings mean, guide you through the process, and answer any questions.

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