The Dark Sky Movement - How It’s Impacted the Lighting Industry

POSTED April 8, 2020

The growing concern to protect our night sky has played a huge role in the lighting industry within the past decade. As cities, campuses, and various streetscapes across the country have prioritized this dark sky movement, it has led to the innovation of products that suit their demands. Spring City has dedicated a special line of products specifically for customers seeking a decorative streetlight while still adhering to the dark sky compliant features.

When discussing the meaning behind a dark sky compliant fixture, it’s crucial to understand the benefits it yields not only to the nighttime sky but also to the well-being of life that it encompasses. While the full-cutoff fixtures cast very little to no upward light especially in urban settings, it has been linked to the decrease of maladies such as migraines, anxiety, and sleep deprivation. The benefits go even further beyond our communities by also supporting the proper function of surrounding natural ecosystems which rely on natural darkness with no artificial light.

With the dark sky initiative aiming to have a healthier and happier night sky, we showcase the commitment to lowering light pollution while offering a unique range of eleven aesthetically designed options. What does a dark sky compliant fixture entail? Find a summary below!

  • Roof Mounted Optics
  • Flat Lens which emits no direct light above 90 degrees
  • 2200-3000L
  • Limits light trespass
  • Minimizes sky glow
  • Reduces nuisance glare

Spring City Electrical is an outdoor decorative street light manufacturer located in Spring City, PA. Over the past 60 years, our goal has been to provide American made products that marry old fashioned craftsmanship with modern technology to illuminate streetscapes across the country.

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