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Benefits of Loose Piece Molding Process for Lamp Post Production

Craft seems to be a trend these days. At Spring City, craft is not a trend, it’s a tradition. We carry on this tradition because it's the right way to do it. We rely on our craftsmen in every stage of the manufacturing process, because we refuse to hide behind the statement, “They just don’t make things like they use too.” We are not okay with our customers replacing a post that has stood for a 100 years with a product that fails in 10. It may take longer, has limited automation and higher production costs, but it’s the only way to ensure quality, accurate historic reproductions that will last generations.

Spring City 2018 Holiday

We approach light differently than most in the market. We approach light not only as a purpose, but as a result in combining old world artisan methods, with high-tech engineered advancements. It's a culmination of old world classic designs and new world smart technology. The result is not just light, but an architectural and engineered expression of the landscape. We truly brighten the landscape both functionally and aesthetically, day and night. As the holiday season has arrived and 2019 is just around the corner we look forward to continuing our rapid market growth and are excited to actively take part in providing a brighter tomorrow.

Spring City Symphonic X Series Now Offered with a Solid Top

The Solid Top X Series acorn is the newest addition to the popular Spring City’s LED acorn offering. The market has asked and we’ve listened. The Solid Top offers similar delivered foot-candles and uniformity of the Open Top X series product while reducing the upward lumens and adding a little splash of color!

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