Paint Warranty

Limited Five-Year Warranty

Surface finish of Spring City Electrical Manufacturing products is covered by a limited five-year warranty from time of shipment for discoloration, corrosion gloss retention, and lack of adhesion. All visible painted surfaces of the final assembled product are covered.

This warranty does not apply to any failure or other defect resulting in whole or in part from any one or more of the following causes: (i) Acts of God, (ii) Stray electric currents, (iii) contact of the Coating with acids or alkaline substances not present in normal atmospheric conditions, (iv) exposure of the Coating to temperatures in excess of 170 degrees F., (v) damage to the Product or Coating resulting from misuse, abuse or accident, including without limitation, damage resulting from Acts of God, falling or thrown objects, collisions, fire, explosion or other casualties, vandalism, (vi) damage to the Products or Coating occurring during shipping, storage, use or installation of the Products which is not touched up.

Spring City's obligations hereunder shall be subject to the terms hereof and shall be limited to correction of any warrantable defects, in such a manner as determined at the sole discretion of Spring City, to the Coating without charge to Purchaser within a reasonable time after receipt of notice of such warrantable defects and such reasonable additional time as Spring City may require to inspect the records, information, and product to substantiate the applicability of this warranty.


Discoloration will be measured in E units (CIE 1976 CIELAB) using procedure ASTM D 2244, (latest revision), comparing an unexposed sample to an exposed surface after removal of dirt and chalk.

Corrosion & Lack of Adhesion

Corrosion and lack of adhesion will be evaluated using procedure ASTM D 610 (latest revision), based on the complete product assembly. For the purpose of this warranty, this procedure applies to both iron and steel.

Gloss Retention

Gloss retention will be measured using procedure ASTM D 523 (latest revision), comparing an unexposed sample to an exposed surface after removal of dirt and chalk.

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