Gun Melting Event

Spring City recently teamed with the local Police Department and the local city to melt down guns to be remanufactured into lampposts.  Thirty years of guns collected as evidence by Spring City PD were melted down on July 13th.


Handguns, rifles and shotguns totally approximately forty were stripped down by the police department and transferred to Spring City to be melted.

Once the guns were melted that were poured into lamppost which will be installed along the Main Street of Spring City, PA.

The Mayor of Spring City Mayor Michael A. Weiss, and the Chief of Police, Chief Dee Sherman along with the members of the Spring City Electrical staff were on hand for the late-night ceremony.  Chief Sherman and Mayor Weiss began by placing the guns into a large charge bucket to be melted down.

“The guns have been stripped and mechanically disassembled,” Alan Brink (President, Owner of Spring City Electrical) said. “The guns were dropped into a charge bucket, which was placed over a furnace of 2,500 degree metal.”

“The guns went in and in a short matter of time; they became part of the charge bucket. It is just like putting an ice cube into a pot of boiling water. They will be poured into molds to become lampposts.”

An unveiling ceremony for the new lampposts will be scheduled in approximately three weeks, Brink said.

“That ceremony will include a plaque donation to the borough from Spring City Electrical Manufacturing,” he said. “It will state that the posts were made from disposed firearms.”