Spring City Electrical Manufacturing to Supply Central Park, New York City, NY, 1,588 LED Luminaires

Before-and-After FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Spring City Electrical is pleased to announce its selection as the supplier of LED luminaires for New York City's Central Park re-lighting project.  Spring City will supply the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) with 1,588 LED luminaires starting this summer.  The City of New York required a stringent evaluation process as well as a performance specification.

From August 2009 through January 2011, NYC DOT, Climate Group, a nonprofit focused on studying and promoting cities to adopt clean energy technologies worldwide, and the US DOE conducted studies on the performance of LED luminaires on the FDR Drive and a pedestrian path in Central Park.  The tests measured illumination, color, energy consumption and other factors.  The Climate Group worked with NYC DOT to collect data on the Spring City LED luminaire against five other LED luminaire manufacturers as well as a baseline metal halide baseline system.  The Central Park LED luminaire by Spring City outperformed the four other luminaires and met the City’s specifications for lighting.  “The Central Park LED luminaire has been put through the most rigorous LED testing procedure the industry has ever seen.  We feel that our engineering capabilities and customer service tied with our old world craftsmanship allowed us to be successful,” said Chris Rosfelder of Spring City Electrical.  Over 12 years, the selected Spring City Central Park LED Luminaire could produce as much as $1.6 million in energy savings.   Both replacement trials showed promise.  For instance, a full scale LED replacement program for Central Park could result in significant cost savings from a return on investment in six years.  

In May 2012, the City began installing the Spring City LED luminaires along Central Park’s pedestrian paths. As part of this effort, Central Park will be replacing its existing 175 HID, Metal Halide lamps (210 total system wattage) with Spring City’s Central Park 67 system-watts LED luminaire.  Spring City’s luminaire is projected to yield up to 62% in annual energy savings as well as an annual maintenance savings of $29,618 which is based on component cost and lifecycle.  In addition, the LED luminaires are estimated to save 314 tons of CO2 annually by consuming less energy.   “The Spring City Central Park LED luminaire system will provide NYC a perfect fit.  We have a long standing vendor relationship with NYC DOT and we’re pleased to continue the relationship with this LED project. The classic historical replication design matched perfectly with the traditional Central Park luminaire design yet will be providing the park with superior energy and maintenance savings,” stated Tracie Wolf of Spring City Electrical.

These LED luminaires will be placed on existing nine foot tall B-9 cast iron posts mostly manufactured by Spring City Electrical and some of which date back to 1911.  Alan Brink of President of Spring City Electrical commented, “A LED system that will last well over 75,000 operating hours mounted on 100 year old lamppost is sustainability at its best and not to mention an outstanding lifecycle cost!”

Take a tour of the installation here.

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